Customer cases Dionbilt Trailers—Everybody’s asking for Strenx® stickers


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Dionbilt Trailers—Everybody’s asking for Strenx® stickers

Dionbilt Trailers, a My Inner Strenx® member located in Grandview, Washington, U.S., produces custom trailers for clients throughout the United States and Canada. Among its product offerings are featherweight chassis used on trailers that handle ocean containers. 

The challenge—appearance and prep time

Dionbilt previously used T-1 material to produce its featherweight chassis. The material was not clean resulting in many hours of pre prep. Moreover the material was wavy making it difficult to paint and provide the professional appearance they wanted.

The solution—Strenx® 100

Dionbilt now uses Strenx® 100 for the entire frame except the front and rear bolsters.

The benefits—clean, lighter and better chassis

According to Owner Branden Dion, Strenx® is a very clean material saving him many man hours of pre prep. “Our paint jobs have risen to a new level of professionalism,” he says. “We have customers that want to color match their trucks with metallic paint. In the past the material would be wavy or cottage cheese looking but now it’s nice and smooth and glossy.”

Plus the chassis are better and lighter. “I think the Strenx® sticker program is catching on,” Branden says. “Our existing customers are sharing with potential customers that the newer chassis—those produced over the last 3 years or so—are better and lighter. When a potential customer doesn’t want to buy a chassis without a sticker then you know the program is working. It makes me happy that Dionbilt is being known by our customers for our Strenx® frames!”