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Rigid dump trucks from Grunwald withstand the harshest environments thanks to Hardox® steel

March 25, 2021 6 min read

Case details

Product Hardox® 450
Country Russian Federation
Company Grunwald
Industry Trailers and body builders
Brand program Hardox® In My Body

When this Russian manufacturer of rigid dump truck and semi-trailer bodies needed a high-strength steel that could withstand even the harshest environments, it turned to hard and tough Hardox® wear plate.

Producing high-quality yet lightweight rigid dump truck bodies that can operate in the harshest environments is all in a day’s work for Russian trailer manufacturer Grunwald. “Steel is the main material we use in manufacturing – and we need it to be the best,” says Mikhail Bagin, Grunwald’s head of marketing at Grunwald.

Grunwald has produced more than 1,500 vehicles since it was founded in 2007. Despite its relatively short history, the company is now successfully competing with long-established manufacturers to supply dump and tipper trucks and trailers to northern Europe, Russia, and other countries across north and central Asia.

Tipper truck bodies in Hardox® 450 stands tough against dents, cracks and extreme weather

The trucks that Grunwald’s customers drive have a hard-knock life on Russian roads. They need to operate in all types of weather, including extreme temperatures and climatic conditions. This is one reason why Grunwald appreciates abrasion-resistant Hardox® wear plate. Grunwald builds both its half-pipe and box-type bodies in Hardox® 450.

“We chose Hardox® 450 because of its excellent resistance to both wear and the formation of dents and cracks – even in the harshest operating conditions,” Bagin explains. But these aren’t the only benefits of high-strength Hardox® wear steel.

Get better transport efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and comply with road weight limits

Fleet owners and operators are realizing the many benefits of replacing mild steel and conventional AR steel with high-strength steels in reduced material thicknesses.“Vehicles made using Hardox® wear steel have a low weight, improved technical and operational characteristics, durability, resistance to loads and improved fuel efficiency,” Bagin says.
In Russia, there has been a recent tightening of weight restrictions on the roads, making the overloading of trucks illegal. Carriers now want to increase the legal payload using modern, lightweight commercial equipment. Hardox® high-strength steel grades enable truck and trailer manufacturer to reduce vehicle weight and thus transport more payload. 
“Thanks to the lower weight of our semi-trailers and rigid dump trucks, our customers can transport more cargo but keep within our weight limit laws. That means a strong competitive advantage and greater profitability,” Bagin says.

Certified Hardox® In My Body bodies good for business

Grunwald’s rigid dump truck and semitrailer bodies are certified under the Hardox® In My Body program, which confirms that its products have passed a strict quality control and are approved by SSAB. Vehicles displaying the Hardox® In My Body decal, which signals premium quality, can give owners a significantly higher resale value.

“Because our tipper truck bodies are certified under the program, we’re given priority access to the latest SSAB developments in materials science, applied technology and production methods, plus prioritized marketing support”, Bagin says. “This helps to make our trailers even more advanced and efficient. And for our customers, it means they know they’re getting a first-class product. ”Grunwald now manufactures tipper truck bodies made of Hardox® 450 for customers like MAN, Volvo and Renault. And the Russian market is becoming more and more interested in these tipper truck bodies, says Bagin.

“We now plan to cooperate with other OEMs on developing and manufacturing tipper truck bodies. And just like our other products, when it comes to our choice of wear steel, we will be choosing Hardox® wear plate from SSAB.”

Mikhail Bagin, Grunwald's head of marketing at Grunwald.

A silver rear-dumping rigid dump truck made in Hardox wear plate
A fleet of rigid dump trucks made in hard and tough Hardox 450 wear steel
This fleet of rigid dump trucks in Hardox® steel helps Grunwald get better transport efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and comply with road weight limits.

Where there’s wear, there’s Hardox®

The Hardox® In My Body sign on equipment means that it is made in Hardox® wear steel and certified to the highest quality

Hardox® In My Body – the sign of quality

A sign of quality and trust for the best products in the market.

A digger loading into a truck body made in strong and tough Hardox® 450 steel

Hardox® 450

The most popular abrasion-resistant steel with excellent structural properties.

The Hardox® Wear Calc tool, which calculates the right wear plate to use in heavy equipment and attachments

Hardox® WearCalc 

WearCalc makes tough decisions about choosing the right wear plate easy.