Award-winning architecture Industrial doors more energy efficient due to GreenCoat Cool

Industrial doors more energy efficient due to GreenCoat Cool

Project: Industrial doors for Scania, Sweden

Target: Find an energy efficient product that stays cool during the summer

Product: GreenCoat Cool

Supplier: Prido

For all of its new industrial facilities, the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania had a vision to combine form and function with environmental purpose. When it came to the dock door solutions, this meant partnering with the company Prido to create a unique and important part of the new concept.  


After reviewing the architect’s examples, the task of the supplier Prido was to integrate their proven door solution with the design factors and environmental focus that Scania had envisioned. 

“The doors will be unique and an important part of a new concept”, says Krister Andero, General Manager at Prido AB, Sweden. 

Prido’s doors are made from a sandwich design, with an inner and outer layer of colour coated steel molded together with a core of foam insulation. If the door colour is too dark, the door becomes very hot when the sun shines. The sandwich element can be affected – even destroyed – if the temperature becomes too high. Therefore, the dark colours originally requested by Scania could not be considered. That was until Prido was introduced to the energy efficient colour coated product GreenCoat Cool from SSAB. 
With GreenCoat Cool, they had found a solution that eliminated the dark colour restriction and that could also be used to strengthen the environmental value of their products. GreenCoat Cool reflects the heat so much that it became possible to use a very dark colour without sacrificing the quality of their doors.
At the start of the project, Prido wanted a colour product that did not get too hot. In the end, the company realized even more benefits with GreenCoat Cool. It helped to keep outdoor heat from entering the building, saving substantial energy. Tests have shown that GreenCoat Cool can save 15 percent of the energy used to cool shopping centers, airport terminals and other buildings.
GreenCoat Cool’s ability to supply efficient insulation and good weather stripping together created a foundation for Scania to realize their new design and environmental goals in new facilities. 


About GreenCoat

GreenCoat is SSAB’s brand for innovative colour coated steel solutions for the building and component industry. As the greenest product portfolio of high quality colour coated steel for exterior building applications and one of the most comprehensive for the entire building industry, GreenCoat provides many benefits including:

  • High colour retention and long-lasting finishes in any weather 
  • Environmentally conscious colour coatings
  • Nordic top quality steel
  • Easy formability – even at temperatures below zero for some products
  • Low weight
  • Wide colour offering
  • Performance guarantee