Life Cycle Assessments Reducing carbon in automotive AHSS steel production

AHSS Production for Zero Carbon Cars

The material mix has big effect on the life cycle assessment for a car. By choosing advanced high-strength steel you are off to a good start.

Your source of AHSS steels affects your embedded carbon

Choosing AHSS steel for lightweighting, strength and safety is a major first step. But you can further reduce your car’s embedded carbon by choosing one of the most CO2-efficient, iron ore-based steel producers in the world: SSAB.

The ultimate future-proofing: fossil-free steel production

Even though SSAB’s steel production is already highly carbon efficient, we want to make it more so. By as early as 2025, we will further reduce our Swedish CO2 emissions by 25% by starting to convert our blast furnaces to electric arc furnaces.

Our ultimate goal is to totally replace coal and coke (carbon) with hydrogen as the reducing agent in a process with only water vapor as the byproduct. 

Our Hybrit project aims to provide fossil-free steel production by 2045. Now that’s future-proofed sustainability for your zero carbon cars!

The indexed carbon efficiency in iron making based on coal consumed 2012

Indexed carbon efficiency in iron making

Source: Stahl-Zentrum.

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