Life Cycle Assessments Tight AHSS tolerances for hassle-free car assembly

Tight Tolerances = Hassle-Free Assembly

Material consistency will improve output and save money.

Making your AHSS auto parts thinner will save you material (costs) and weight, but it will also demand tighter tolerances, including uniform thicknesses and high overall material quality. The good news is that those same tight tolerances will enable true-to-form final AHSS car components that are more precise and easier to assemble — especially for robotic assembly.

Docol AHSS steels are inherently more consistent

SSAB always produces the same advanced high-strength Docol steel grades (e.g., martensitic, dual phase, etc.) at the same mill. So our AHSS steels are inherently more consistent, making your auto part fabrication and automated assembly more consistent.

It’s no wonder that almost all auto OEMs specify Docol® advanced high-strength steels.

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