Automotive steel grades Docol - A long-term solution
With Docol® AHSS steel for a greener world


The automotive industry can contribute to a sustainable world by choosing the right material for each application and using the most cost-effective and sustainable production methods.

A part of the life cycle assessment (LCA)

Steel has an advantage compared to some other lightweight materials, as it emits less CO2 when being produced. For car manufacturers using Docol®, this translates to a strong argument for sustainability. By comparing the production of steel to the production of aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and magnesium, it is seen that steel production causes less greenhouse gas emissions. Docol® AHSS is produced in one of the world’s cleanest steel production processes, which means emissions are even lower.

AHSS emission

With Docol® for a greener world

By increasing the share of Docol® AHSS steel in components, car manufacturers can both lower vehicle weight and increase the percentage of recyclable parts. As a result, Docol® helps improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturers or consumers. Its high strength-to-weight ratio also means that thinner steel can be used without sacrificing strength – for lower weight, boosted fuel efficiency,  improved driving performance and lower costs.

SSAB EcoUpgraded concept

High strength climate contribution

For a smaller vehicle the savings are smaller. In this scenario, 170 kg of Docol® 800 high strength steel replaces 200 kg of 500 MPa material in the chassis. And in the crash components, 85 kg of Docol® 1400 steel replaces 100 kg of 1,000 MPa material. This means a total weight reduction of 15% for the upgraded parts, i.e. 45 kgs, which reduces the car’s fuel consumption by approximately 1.3%.

Save in CO2 emissions

Together with our customers, SSAB continually upgrades steel and equipment designs. SSAB EcoUpgraded saves CO2 both in steel production and during the full lifetime of the machine. From the CO2 payback time and onwards, every extra hour brings additional savings.

SSAB EcoUpgraded
SSAB, LKAB  and Vattenfall are launching an initiative to solve the carbon dioxide problem in the Swedish steel industry
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