Newsroom Introducing Duroxite™ 300 overlay plate at AGG1
March 6, 2018 12:41 CET Hardox Wearparts, chromium carbide overlay, Duroxite overlay

Introducing Duroxite™ 300 overlay plate at AGG1

New Duroxite™ 300 has been developed to provide long service life in extreme wet and dry sliding wear environments.

Compared to traditional tungsten carbide overlay, Duroxite™ 300 delivers high resistance to abrasive wear but at a more competitive cost.

Unique overlay formulation

The overlay material used for Duroxite™ 300 contains a uniquely high volume of an ultra-fine complex borocarbide phase. The grain size is refined down to 500 nm, which makes the borocarbides approximately 200 times finer than traditional chromium carbides.

The results are outstanding wear performance and also increased impact resistance. Compared to traditional chromium carbide overlay plates, Duroxite™ 300 can absorb more impact energy.

Lighter plate with long service life

The high wear resistance of the borocarbides allows for a reduced overlay thickness compared to traditional overlays. This results in a lighter product with increased service life. And like the other Duroxite™ plate products, Duroxite™ 300 maintains a consistent wear resistance from the surface down to 75% of the overlay.

Stop by SSAB’s booth #1052, at AGG1 and learn how the new DuroxiteTM 300
takes durability to the extreme and beyond.

Duroxite™ 300 is the latest addition to the broad range of Duroxite™ overlay products available from Hardox Wearparts®, the world’s leading provider of wear parts and services. Also on display at AGG1 are a wide range of other wear-resistant applications and parts from Hardox Wearparts®.

Duroxite™ 300 is produced in the U.S. and currently available in North and South America. More details about Duroxite™ 300 and the other overlay products can be found at 


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