SSAB Laser – Optimized for you and laser cutting

If other steel doesn’t behave to perfection, try SSAB Laser. It has guaranteed flatness both before and after cutting.

SSAB Laser optimized for you

  • Superior steel cleanliness
  • Optimized and consistent chemistry
  • Narrow and consistent dimensional tolerances
  • Properties always exceeding EN standards
  • Enhanced impact toughness at low temperatures
  • Optimized surface quality for laser cutting
  • Tight nesting with shared cutting lines
  • Same bending properties in all directions
  • High quality cut edges at increased cutting speed
  • Flatness deviation of cut parts ≤ 3.0 mm/m
  • Predictable and repetitive performance in cold forming
  • Inner bending radius 0.0 x thickness for MC strip grades

SSAB Laser – The ultimate choice for fast and precise laser cutting

SSAB Laser is an advanced structural and high strength cold forming steel for laser cutting. It will improve general productivity, yield and end product quality. It comes with guaranteed flatness, both before and after laser cutting.

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Excellent performance

The flatness and cold forming properties of SSAB Laser set a new standard for performance in automated processes.

Total process control during its production results in a dead flat material. It fulfills the most challenging requirements for fast and trouble-free cutting, providing shorter production time, less need for reworking and higher precision for the cut components.

SSAB Laser enables both superior product quality and higher production efficiency.

It’s the only steel in the world with a guaranteed maximum flatness deviation of 3 mm/m after laser cutting as default.

With the right parameters, SSAB Laser can help you achive significantly higher cutting speeds whilst the cut edge quality remains excellent, even up to a plate thickness of 30 mm.

Maximizing your output

Surface quality has great influence on cutting speed and cut edge quality. SSAB Laser, in all its product forms and delivery conditions, always offers the optimal surface for high quality laser cutting. Cutting lines can be shared, and small diameter holes and narrow slots can be cut with high precision.

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SSAB Laser can increase yield by as much as 5-10%, delivering direct cost savings in your production. The flatness of the cut parts saves time and improves performance in further processing.

SSAB Laser has a guaranteed bending radius of 0-1.5 x the thickness, depending on the grade and product form. The guaranteed minimum bending radius is the same for all directions, allowing more flexible nesting.

A tight bending radius gives designers more freedom to create sophisticated products that require less processing. Forming instead of welding is an effective way to reduce lead times and cut production costs.

Direct access to expertise and technical support

When you purchase SSAB Laser, you gain access to SSAB’s extensive support resources. You can always contact SSAB via phone or email to ask about everything from design solutions to material choice, workshop recommendations and technical support.

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We stand ready to offer optimized products and services that add the kind of value to your business that really matters. Our dedicated Tech Support people provide a strong local presence worldwide. They are happy to be your partner in longterm projects as well as visit your site at short notice for technical assistance.

SSAB at your service

With SSAB, you’re just a phone call or email away from great service. Contact us if you would like to attend a technical seminar, or need a trial delivery to test the performance of SSAB Laser in your production.

Delivered as you like it

SSAB Laser comes in a wide range of structural and high strength cold forming steel grades. It is available as hot rolled plate, hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet. Hot rolled sheet is available in as rolled or pickled condition.

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Many ways to get your steel

Whatever your production and logistic preferences, there’s a convenient way to obtain SSAB Laser. It can be sourced from our mills, local stocks or through the SSAB Laser distribution network.

Logistics services

Your local SSAB contact will answer any questions about ordering and shipping, delivery times, marking and packing.

SSAB Laser 355MC Plus

Laser cutting



T: 2 - 30 mm


EN 10149-2

EN 10051

EN 10029